CONTACT Research


The current standard of care for pets with cancer is equivalent to what was available for human cancer patients prior to the introduction of antibody drugs in 1997: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

At this time there are no antibody drugs available for the treatment of cancer in cats and dogs. Unlike small molecule drugs, antibody drugs are species specific, so human antibody drugs are ineffective in animals.

The technology of CanFel Therapeutics is based on two fundamental processes:

  • A proprietary method of selecting and isolating cancer initiating cells from dog and cat cancers.
  • A model system, within which these cells will provide:

  1. Input for an antibody generation methodology that yields a significantly higher percentage of antibodies directed to the surface of cancer cells.
  2. In vitro screens for active anti-cancer antibodies
  3. In vivo models for proving that the antibodies are active against animal cancers

We thus develop the target input, screens, and animal models required for rapidly generating and testing dog and cat antibodies that are active against dog and cat cancers.